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Richmond Assistants



Adam Lacy

ASMP Associate Member

(804) 363-9077


Exerience: Assisting since 2009

Skills: Experienced with multiple strobe and power packs, studio and location. Proficient in Lightroom 2, Aperture 3, Mac, PC

Other: Current passport, Drivers License, Willing to travel, Work weekends

References: John Henley, (804) 649-1400,

Adam Robinson

ASMP Student Associate Member

(276) 821-8303


Experience: Assisting since 2009

Skills: Studio work, location scouting, Canon DSLR's

Other: Willing to travel up to 100 miles without surcharge.


Lauren Randolph (775) 232-0872

Chris Stewart  (423) 652-4861


Allison Fiebert

ASMP Associate Member

(703) 501-7552 (cell)


Experience: Assisting since 2007

Skills: Extensive film (35mm - large format), experienced with digital photographic (Canon and Nikon) and studio equipment, variety of strobe lighting, Photoshop CS2-4, Lightroom, Bridge, Mac. Limited experience with Final Cut Pro. Digital and Film skills include production, printing, developing, archiving and scanning.

Other:  Flexible schedule, Drivers license


Orrie Gaines

ASMPCV - Emerging Associate Member

(267) 322 8077

Experience: 5 years

Skills: Experienced
with multiple Strobe power packs and modifiers studio and location.
Proficient with Lightroom, PS3, 4 Mac and PC. Nikon user but I also
understand the Canon System as well.

Other: Current passport, drivers license, willing to travel and can work weekends.



Steve Casanova

ASMP - Student Member

(757) 553-2218

Experience: 4 years

Skills:  Experienced with multiple strobe and power packs, light modifiers, studio and location. Familiar with both Nikon and Canon. Experienced in various lighting techniques. Proficient in Photoshop CS3-6, Bridge, Mac & PC. Limited experience with Final Cut Pro and HTML/CSS coding.

Other: Driver’s License, Willing to travel, Can work 7 days/week.


Allen Jones, (804) 852-5394,

Eric Lusher, (757) 472-8510,





Anthony Hall

(804) 787-0057


Experience: 2 years

References: Christopher Winton-Stahle (804)615-9435, David Stover (804) 782-0988


Hassan Pitts

(804) 873-8799


Experience: Assisting since 2007

Experienced with studio strobes and location lighting, most DSLR camera
systems, specifically Canon/Nikon. Proficient with Lightroom 3,
Aperture 3, Photoshop CS5, ILife, Final Cut 7, Logic 8.

Other: Current passport, Drivers license, Proficient in German, Willing to work 7 days a week, in town or out of town.

References: Elaine Odell (804) 788-4617

Chip Mitchell (804) 752-6639

David Stover (804)782-0988


Jacob William Cunningham

(703) 220-8049 (cell)


Experience: Assisting since 2007

Skills: Experienced
with DSLR digital cameras and studio lighting, Photoshop CS4. Some
experience with both audio and vieo production as well as editing.

Other: Current
passport, Drivers license, Set building, carpentry and painting. More
than comfortable with fabrication and construction. Available to work
weekends, weeknights (excluding Wednesdays). Available fulltime
beginning in May 2010.


Jamie Reynolds

(347) 262-2128

Experience: 4 Years

References: Pat Heagney (404) 788-7744, Brad Hanson (404) 771-7258, Nick Fedyk (770) 633-1004


Jennida Chase

(757) 515-4062 (cell)

Experience: 3 years

References: Lee Brauer (804) 291-1104, Sonali Gulati (631) 245-1747, Shawn Utsey (804) 291-1104

Matthew Lord

(804) 319-7255

Experience: assisting since 2008.

References: Herbert Cosby (804) 240-6493, Doug Buerlein (804) 752-4969, Chris Ijams, (804) 216-3686


Phil Bowne

(804) 475-9277

Experience: 9 years

References: Adam Ewing (804)240-4477, Charles "Stretch" Ledford (888) 320-4002, Karen Morgan



Stephanie Garr Adams

 (435) 590-5992 (cell)


Experience: 5 years

References: Jon Hood Richmond VA (804) 788-8023, Steve Hinds Architectual photographer TX (214) 505-7978, Chris Winton-Stale ( 804) 615-9435


Erik Uecke

ASMPDC - Associate Member

(703) 200-1919

Experience: 4 years


SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS5, Adobe Light-room 3, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Bridge, Final Cut Pro 7,Adobe Premier Pro 5.5, Adobe After Effects, Corel Painter 11, Photomatix Pro, Microsoft Office. Mac and PC literate.

HARDWARE: Nikon Professional Digital SLR systems, Nikon Speed light systems, Canon Professional Digital SLR EOS systems, Mamiya medium format, Profoto, Dynalite, Elinchrom, Norman and Alien Bees studio lighting equipment.


Vincent Ricardel – Photographer 917.847.7979
Brooks Kraft – Photographer 202.669.4800
Robert Rathe - Photographer 703.4253442